Complaints have emerged

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Complaints have emerged from

Complaints have emerged from workers due to the government’ s call to switch to public transportation in response to the air pollution surge in Jakarta, Indonesia. The President of the Labor Party and the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions( KSPI), Said Iqbal, has highlighted the hidden paradox behind the government’ s appeal.

Despite the public being instructed to use public transportation, high- ranking officials in ministries and institutions( K atau L) still drive private cars.

“ Their own behavior, unwilling to involve themselves with public transportation, while the people are asked to change,” Iqbal stated during a virtual press briefing on Monday( August 21).

It is known that vehicle emissions are considered the root cause of the air pollution engulfing Jakarta.

Additionally, Iqbal emphasizes that emissions from coal- fired power plants( PLTU) also contribute to the poor air quality in the capital city and its surroundings.

Iqbal also maintains his hope that the use of private motorcycles by workers can still be accepted.

Iqbal also brought up the uncertainty about workers’ mobility. Transportation usage is not limited to the commute from home to work but involves activities around the zona.

Complaints have emerged

Instead of celebrating this move, Iqbal points out that in some areas there is nomor public transportation available for workers to utilize.

To address this demand, Iqbal urges that workers should also be given the opportunity to implement Work From Home( WFH), similar to civil servants in Jakarta.

Three key points are highlighted in adopting this WFH option.

First, adjusting working hours. Iqbal suggests a two- shift work system in a day, where one shift works on the first day and the other shift rests, and vice versa on the following day. This approach is expected to reduce congestion on public transportation.

Second, Iqbal emphasizes the need for employers and the Acting Governor of Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono, to provide masks to workers. Iqbal wants workers to be better protected from the effects of air pollution through provided facilities.

Third, the health aspect is also considered through regular medical check- ups( MCU). Iqbal advocates for routine examinations to ensure that workers are protected from health risks posed by air pollution.

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